1) Will it be worth it? Because let’s face it, a lot of summer camps don’t live up to their promises. It’s sad they end up just “warehousing” kids for the summer!

2) What are the qualifications of the people / camp coaches that my child will be spending their entire summer with?

Here’s the thing...

Camps that just “warehouse” kids for the summer and simply “employ their counselors for the summer” may work great for the “majority.” But what if that’s not how you want your child to spend his summer??

- Would you be happy to see your child grow mentally and physically over the course of the summer?
- Would you like your child to learn success and character building skills while she’s having a ton of fun?
- Are you looking for a more “private atmosphere” where your child can get the attention she needs to boost her self-confidence?

In our summer camps your child will:

• Build agility, speed, balance, endurance and strength with fun drills.
• Learn conflict resolution, communication, and anger management skills in a fun way.
• Learn the skills that might save your child’s life, without being frightened in the process.
• Learn not only the most modern and practical self-defense skills, but also the fun and exciting stuff too.
• Be mentored by positive role models unlike any in the area!

Special Guests:
The Zoo Lady - "Fur, Feathers and Scales", "Animals of Africa", "One World Many Wonders", "Animals of South America", & "Reptiles" are the themes we have when our special guest the "Zoo Lady" come pay us a visit.
Discovery Center - "Inventor's Workshop" & "Matter" are the subjects of learning when the Discovery Center drops by and pays us a visit.
Balloon Lady – Learn to make your own balloon animals and watch her create some awesome creations.
Andy’s – Every Thursday we take a field trip to Springfield’s favorite frozen custard joint, Andy’s!
Bellacinos – Every Friday we head over to Bellacinos and let the kids make their own pizzas.
Wonders of Wildlife – “Show Me Wildlife”, “Slimy Scaly”, and “Staying Alive” are the themes we have when our special guest "Wonders of Wildlife" come pay us a visit.
Springfield Little Theater – Learn the performing arts when Springfield Little Theater drops on by.

Special Activities:
Jedi Master Students will learn how to use a "light saber" and then complete challenges to earn a true Jedi status! 
Minute To Win It - breakfast scramble, wrap it up, face the cookie, nose dive, noodling around, chocolate unicorn & penny hose are just a few of the games we’re playing during this awesome activity!
Nerf Wars - Calling all Nerf warriors! Got NERF Game? Well, now’s the time to prove it.  We will have Nerf shooting games, movement and awareness drill, daily competitions and more.  Bring your best Nerf gun(s) and be prepared for this awesome camp this summer!
Movies & Popcorn – Who doesn’t love movies and popcorn?  With our surround sound system, they will get the full effect of the movie.
Toilet Paper Palooza - You never knew toilet paper could be this much fun!  Come and see all the crazy ways we can play with TP!
Patriotic Party - Let’s celebrate the 4th of July with a star-spangled salute to our country!  Lots of games, crafts and goodies in honor of the red, white and blue!
Balloon Bash- Let’s blow them up and have a float-tastic time using balloons in some fun and different ways.
Terrific Tie-Die - Get creative with your colors and patterns to design some fantastic clothing!


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Wonders Of Wildlife

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